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Old Neighbourhood of Tehran in Walking

3380Walking tour in the old neighbourhood of


               Date: 17 Feb 2012

Appointment time, place: at 9:30, Golestan palace, Arg Sq

Price:  $۶۵


old neighbourhood of Tehran in walking

One of the most beautiful palaces of Tehran, Golestan palace Complex, visit three palaces of Qajarid dynasty, , Salam hall (coronation hall), Baad gir palace, traditional bazaar of Tehran (Bazaar_e_Bozorg), Marvi Alley, school and Mosque of Marvi.

“As a non-Tehrani who lived quite a while in Tehran before, Tehran’s Grand bazaar is definitely one of the destinations I take my foreign friends to, those of whom interested in exploring the glorious spirit of a traditional Iranian mall while enjoying a good bargain over modern materials or antiques.  The other reason is that the market is easily accessible by metro via 15 Khordad subway station and that will save a great deal of time away from the traffic of the mega capital. Even one more reason: It is steps away from beautiful Golestan palace.”

Lunch(in an old traditional tea house in the same area)

The famous land mark of Tehran, Azadi square (Liberty sq) includes Mirror hall – Technology corridor, tribal corridor, a full visit of the main structure of the Azadi tower from inside.

for further information please contact : +98 2188476760

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