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Explore Tehran

Golestan Palace and Bazaar
Walking on bazaar road, Explanation about old village of Tehran and its different periods, Visiting Golestan complex, Visiting traditional bazaar of Tehran and Sabz-e-Meydan, Zeid holy Shrine, Lotfali khan Zand mausoleum, Imam mosque, Jame mosque, and Old houses of Tehran in the late Qajarid era.

From Adorian fire temple to Mashq Square
Walking on Mirzakoochak Khan St, Naderi St, and 30 Tir St, full explanation of Tehran’s history, Adorian Fire temple Complex, museum of Armenian Anthropology, Saint Mary Church, cafe and hotel Naderi, Abgineh Museum (Glass ware), Mashq Sq.  And National Garden gate (Bagh Meli), Malek museum, Firouz Bahram high school, Golrezaee café (old famous café in the same area), synagogue Haeem (means life), Iraj Mirza’s father house, Petrous Bible Cathedral.

Old Houses
Explanation about old village of Tehran and it’s different periods,  visiting couple of old house in Tehran such as (Masoudie palace _ Soltan Beigom house –Imam Jome house- Moghaddam house –Doctor Shaghaghi’s house, Doctor Chamran house, Doctor Rajaee house , Ostad Hassan Saba house, Qavam house , Fakhr-o-Dolleh palace), Safi Ali shah mosque, Negarestan Garden, Adorian fire temple and Khaanaat Caravansary.

Under the bazaar
Walking on bazaar corridors, explanation about old Tehran and the neighborhoods, visiting Nayeb-al-Saltaneh bazaar, Yahya holly shrine, Hazrati market, new gate (Noe), Tarkhani Bazaar and some other attractions in bazaar area.

Middle & East Oudlajaan

Visiting Imamzadeh YAHYA area, Mirza Mahmoud Vaziri and Oudlajaan bazaar, explanation about old Tehran and Oudlajaan neighborhood, Kazemi house, Navab public bath (Qeisar movie location), visiting Timch-e- Akbarian, storytelling about old houses of Tehran like Hassan Vossoq _Abdolah Vossoq, Nasir-o-Dolleh, Modarres house, Mehrangiz Kambiz house, Imamzadeh YAHYA, School and Mosque of Memarbashi, Tekyeh Reza Gholi khan and the Other attractions of the east Oudlajaan.

Baharestan Section
Explanation about old village of Tehran and it’s different periods, short walking in old Allies, visiting Masoudie palace, Negarestan Garden, Parliaments( Majless), Abdul Hassan Saba house, Sultan Beigoom house, Imam Jomeh house , Safi Ali Shah mosque

Walking around Darkhongah/ Mostowfi neighborhood, Moayer /Tarkhani Bazaar, explanation about old Tehran and Sangelaj neighborhood, visiting and tell the stories about  Darkhongah, Mostofi pass, Shapour sq., visiting Mirza Hassan khan Mostofi house, Sorp Georg  Cathedral prof Hessabie father’s house.

Koushk Ta Khanat
Explanation about old Tehran  , visiting Koushk St, Hedayat St, Sirous caravan hotel, Father’s house of Sadegh Hedayat , Amin Al-Dolleh park, Fakhro-Dolleh palace, Bahar bakery, Parvin Etesami house, holly Shrine of Haft Dokhtar(seven daughters),  Tekyeh of Reza Qolikhaan, Hazrati Bazaar, School and masque of Filsoof- Al-Dolleh, Tadeos Cathedral , tehrangardy in eng. (1)special visiting of Dr.shaghaghi’s house, Safi Ali Shah mosque, Negarestan Garden , Rajaee House, Dr Chamran father’s house , holly Shrine of Seyed Esmaeil.

Lalezar Ta Lalezar
Explanation about old Tehran, visiting Baharestan Sq., Imam Khomeiny Sq., Hassan Aabad Sq., visiting lalezar St, with special unseen attractions, visiting of Ghazali movie locations( In memorial of Ali Hatami), couple locations of Iranian movies , comparing streets of Tehran in old time rather than the real ones nowadays .
Loghante Ta Naderi
Walking in part of Jomhuri ( Shah Abaad St), Istanbul cross road, Naderi and Alao Dolleh , explanation about old Tehran St., special explain about the historical events that happened on Jomhuri St, visiting the museum of National parliament (Majles Shoray-e-Melli), Abol Hassan Saba(music museum ), National Jewelry museum, hotel and cafe Naderi.

Middle West Oudlajaan
Walking on Naser Khosrow and Pamenar St, Marvi and Oudlajaan bazaar neighborhood, visiting Soltan Beigom Shojaee house, Imam Jome house and Timch-e Akbarian, visiting Dar-ol-Fonoon school, Shams-ol-Emareh palace, School and Mosque of Marvi , school and mosque of  old Sepahsalaar , Hakim Bashi  cistern and other Attraction of western Oudlajaan neighborhood.

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